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"Dr. Berk was fabulous. He responded quickly to my initial call, set up an appointment immediately at my convenience. When I got to the office he was timely, thorough and did great work, as well as kind and thoughtful.

He clearly knew his stuff. He listened to me and responded to my needs."

Julie S

"I recently saw Dr Berk after a recommendation from my brother. I have been to having issues with my back and

hips for quite some time with no relief. Dr Berk is the first Dr I've been to that had given me hope! I love his approach

to diagnosing my problem as well as the fact he using a variety of disciplines to treat his patients. I look forward to

my future visits and feel confident I am on the road to recovery. My only regret is I didn't make an appointment

with Dr. Berk sooner!"

- Teresa F

"After resisting this type of treatment for years, I started to work with Dr. Berk a couple of weeks ago. I am thrilled with the approach and results. The treatments and exercises have provided welcomed relief to ongoing (and growing) pain. He is a total pro that I would highly recommend."

- Paul F

"If you are looking for an excellent chiropractor - smart, caring, attentive, experienced, skillful, exceptional care - see Dr. Berk. I've been to a few different chiropractors and he is the best there is. Dr. Berk will be the one to understand and resolve the problem or pain. "

- Bonnie B

"I had my first visit with Dr. Zachary Berk the other day, and it won't be my last. Dr. Berk was confident and kind, knowledgeable and approachable. I was surprised, though very pleased, to find such a strong emphasis on soft tissue work. The treatment was sublime. I can't wait to go back. Highly, highly recommended."

- Michael S

I have been seeing Dr. Berk for various ailments: plantar fasciitis, back, shoulder, rotator cuff pain - and in each case, his methods have provided relief a. He is very thorough and clear about what he is doing, and knows the right combinations of adjustment, spinal movement, and/or muscle manipulation techniques to leave you feeling better when you walk out the door. He has a great office manner, is committed to his patients, and has always made himself available when I'm in acute pain. "

- Erica H

"Started seeing him about a year ago for severe upper/mid back pain, SI joint pain and TMJ. Within a few sessions I felt so much better. I've continued to see him regularly and recommend with to all my friends. He's been a key part of my overall health."

- Maggie M

"I have had pain for over a year due to tight hip muscles...piriformis...issues. I could not drive for more than 1 1/2 hours and I would get sciatica pain down my leg. And after sitting a short time, I was pained getting up. I even had it lying on my side sleeping. I have been looking for someone who knows kinesiology who could decipher my trouble. Dr. Berk is the man. He displays incredible insights but knows how to treat the problem. With his help I feel my quality of life is back!"

- Charles S

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